Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drumroll please...

After a summer's worth of hard work, volunteering, and sweating it out, last night Henry and I were announced 2008 Year End Schooling Show Training Level Dressage Champions, with an averaged score of 65.77%!!! We got a lovely ribbon and a custom 8x10 picture frame that I will put up next to my ribbon rack (which my awesome boyfriend made for me last year). Winners of the Recognized Show Year End Awards got gorgeous embroidered coolers, and there were also plaques and crystal prizes for Rider Achievement (cumulative) awards. Maybe this summer I will make it to some recognized shows, but I had better start saving and schooling now!

Anyway, I went to the event early to help set up for the silent auction. There were lots of donations from local trainers, artists, and businesses, and we ended up actually making some money back on it! I bid on and won a fleecy Ariat vest and a custom painted Breyer horse model - soon I will have a miniature Henry! He will probably live on my desk at work :)

The awards dinner was delicious.
I ended up sitting at a table full of people who ride at my barn - both boarders and trailer-in riders, which was neat because we all sort of knew each other. My boyfriend dutifully came with me to the dinner - poor guy, had to eat all that delicious food! It was also great to see everyone get their awards for their achievements. I especially love seeing JR/YRs getting awards, it's great that they are getting involved in our GMO (volunteer hours are a pre-requisite for awards). One of my former trainers and the woman who owned the barn I was at last year won Member of the Year awards, which is awesome. They did a lot of work for the club this year, organizing a weekend Symposium with George Williams that was really cool, educational, and definitely something I could envision myself doing in the future.

I just got an email from the woman who helped coordinate the auction this year, and she will not be able to do it again next year... She asked if I would be interested in the position! I do love volunteering for the GMO, but I am going to take a couple of days to think about it, since it was pretty hectic last night! Hmm...

Back to work tomorrow (weekends are way too short), and hopefully tomorrow night my college lesson will actually show up!

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